Interview with Kobya

kobya interview

Interview with Kobya

What is your name and where were you Born? 

I have been bestowed with, seven names at birth: It’ll take half day to explain it as, each name has its own history. We take name very serious! Just call me, Kobya Panguana. 

Kobya is made up name to suit or, compliment my appreciation of the bass ‘sound’ it is derived from, Aikobiyah; which means, flying elephant: my Panguana surname, means…winding path. 

I come to being Kobya in Maputo, Mozambique Capital City in, South East Africa once known as, Lourenco Marques during the Portuguese colonial era. 

I left the country as 19 year old teenager to pursue my dream elsewhere. I lived worked and studied, fashion and photo journalism in South Africa after Swaziland in mid, 70’s. I worked for New Dawn/Drum/True Love magazines and I free-lanced with other newspaper as a reporter at Afrapix, Khotso House. 

I left, Khotso House when it was bombed and I survived that bombing experience, during the ‘state of emergency’ imposed by apartheid government in the early 80’s. This resulted in me exile 1983. I been living in Australia ever since 86. 

When did you first start playing music and, what you’re saying in your, lyrics? 

I was a dancer first and at, 7 year old, I made my first guitar out of, 1lt empty olive oil can I, picked out at the landfill on my way 

home from School .I used nylon fishing line as a, strings and rotten piece of wood! Inspired by my Grand Father who use to make and play traditional single string called Xithende known as, Birimbao in Brazil. It was my first instrument too, by the way! 

In my music, I sing about my life experience, joy and pain of so-called third people…you know: the down trodden, ‘Salt of the Earth’ persons, like myself. 


Phahla: Phahla means“way of life”:Divine L.O.V.E is my religion! 

I was only 12 when I quit Catholic school. I was been beaten and received severely punished when I was found using my left hand or kicking a ball with my left foot. I was, basically being rearranged from being born leftie to, re-born righty. I become violent and uncontrollable monster against other kids of my age. I had to go: to spare lives! 


Creativity is greatest rebellion in existence. A creator has to get rid of all conditioning. That’s why you always see that, poets, painters, dancers, musicians, are not very respected people. 

Creator cannot follow the well-trodden, path. He has to go alone. He has to be a drop out from the mob psychology. 

You’re creative only if, you are individual. 

A creator has to be able to look foolish. 

Everyone are born creator. You just have to look at the children sitting there and you’ll see. All children are creative. 

Society has to get rid of old work ethic hangover that, children should be forced into ancient repetitive patterns. 


Between a man and woman it is a deep connection. 

Woman is my temple and inspiration. But it’s from her nurturing, her cooking, that family is made whole. Why will a man want but anything else in his counterpart? Remember those lovely meals on Sundays at grandma’s place? 

When God made a man out of his image and likeness; he also created a woman to manifest the best in man, so, he in turn can, look after her. We seriously lost our way. 

Now the world is, where it is today because, of our mistreatment of our women. Each time you mistreat her, you’re only hurting yourself more than for, she’s your extended self eg: when you call her bitch…you’re calling her dog. Would you call your mother a dog, after what she’s done for you? That’s low behavior. 

What can we expect from you musically? 

I shall continue to serve the highest power and, manifest the king of kings, glory. 

Reparation for: Africans/Indigenous man. To reap only what I sow. This is my moto. 



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