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Community Workshops in African Singing

Since 1989 Kobya has been delivering  African vocal acappella workshops, for children with disabilities, for choirs, community groups, and public schools across Australia. He leads participants in a dynamic and engaging program of singing and rhythm activities that is a fascinating and involving introduction to traditional african singing styles.

He has been supported over the years in presenting these workshop programs and recordings by the Australian Arts Council and the Victorian Government.

He brings his multi-instrumental abilities, storytelling and great sense of humour to helping people join in and relax and find their own voice. It's a great experience to find or extend your voice and learn about the fascinating world of African rhythm through uplifting partcipation in these timeless traditional vocal techniques.

People of all ages find these group singing exercises liberating, fascinating and fun. Kobya has a unique ability to engage people from all walks of life, whatever their level of musical expereince - from beginners to confident singers - everyone who shares in these joyful and immersive group exercises, finds this a refreshing and stimulating new approach to fdiscovering a new freedom and new ways to explore their hidden vocal talent. 

Children are enticed into a new confidence and a love of music through this introduction to the vibrant culture of Africa - but you're never to old to be touched and entertained and find personal growth by stepping into the ageless world of African singing.

Kobya offers "one off" master classes that are a innovative and memorable feature to add to a corporate event, or a more extensive series of workshop for schools, community groups, clubs, senoirs groups or choirs.

Kobya Panguana African acapella Singing Workshops
Kobya Panguana African Community acapella Singing Workshops
Kobya Panguana African acapella Children Singing Workshops
Kobya Panguana African acapella Singing Workshops
Kobya Routes of Rhythm African music
Kobya African music Routes of Rhythm

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